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First a question everyone's probably dying to know the answer of... Where are you from? (In case you don't want to answer maybe give us a hint?)

If you insist on hints let me give you one or two... My country of origin is bigger than Estonia (this probably does not say anything) and it shares no borders with Estonia (so some countries are already eliminated). Plus, it is an European country. So, I can not tell more at this stage for security and other reasons as from time to time I receive threats from angry readers.


Would you be so kind to describe yourself as a person?

I believe I am somebody with an artistic soul. This can not be seen here on Estonian Moments as this blog paints a picture of me as a funny person. As many others, I also have different 'versions' of myself. I think I have kind of an 'Estonian' character and that's why I enjoy making this blog. Most of the time I keep quiet and hide myself into shyness while I keep observing reality around me. I don't like bothering other people with my existence (but it seems like I do bother some Estonians with my blog). On the other hand I can also be an expressive and socially engaging person, showing my emotions openly.


How does life in Tartu differ from life back at home?

There is no club 'Tallinn' and ' Pub Zavood' back home, neither Pirogovi Park. :)


Do you find it easy making friends in Estonia or is it more comfortable to associate with other foreigners?

Honestly speaking, it is not that difficult to make friends with Estonians, provided that you understand the logic of an Estonians mind. Weirdness has its own logic, but it takes time to understand. Maybe Estonians are not very expressive in a friendship, but they have golden characteristics to be good friends. Talking about foreigner friends... yes, I have to admit I spend most of my time with them.


How and where do you find inspiration for Estonian Moments?

Almost everywhere. When you look out of the window it already starts automatically. Generally I like to over-analyze things and even in small interaction with Estonians I automatically 'catch moments'. My readers are a good source of inspiration, they send me their ideas and they make me focus on certain issues.
I would like to use the chance to thank all the people that have sent me messages and emails.


Did you expect your Tumblr to get that popular and why do you think it did?

I could not predict that after one month I would have more than 13 000 Facebook likes and over 5500 followers on Tumblr. Reasons could be various but mainly I think Estonians (not only) like when foreigners talk about them. Also, there hasn’t been a similar blog that’s connecting 'Estonianness' with GIF files. There could be other reasons for such popularity like the big amount of internet users in Estonia, people being bored or stressed by everyday routine, lack of jokes about Estonians etc.


Has the fact that the mainstream media has started paying attention to your Tumblr changed your attitude towards blogging?

It definitely did to some extent. I realised how powerful blogging could become if you have a good idea and frame your messages in a creative way.


What were the most unexpected things you experienced when moving to Estonia?

There has been many unexpected things in Estonia and it all started on the first day. The day I arrived at the dormitory in Tartu, I asked administrator to explain where the closest supermarket was. He took a small post-it and drew down the direction. I asked him if I could take the paper with me to find the place but he was really stubborn and refused to give it to me with an extremely serious face. At that moment I thought - 'OMG', I am in trouble if other Estonians are like him. Every time I see that administrator I imagine him cooking dinner in front of hungry children and not letting them eat.


What do you think of Estonian food?

I think I've already expressed it on my blog


Would you please describe an average Estonian woman and an average Estonian man?

I don't know how average it will be but I will try to describe them.

Woman - Her name is Liis, she used to study at the University of Tartu and now works at Swedbank from 8-5. After work she goes to the gym with her close friend Gerda. As Liis is still single she has to take care of her body. Liis is not interested in politics but she sincerely loves Estonia. Liis likes flowers and taking walks with her dog. She does her shopping at Maxima and cooking at home. She enjoys warm holidays in Egypt and Turkey. On one of those holidays she had a romance with a foreigner with whom she is still in contact with and thinks about him almost every day. On her Facebook page she likes Toomas Henrik Ilves and a cooking blog. Liis also likes drinking red wine with friends at quiet places where everybody is really well dressed. An ideal man for Liis is Andrus Veerpalu and she was extremely happy when Andrus won an Olympic golden medal in Turin 2006. Liis reads news on Delfi and sometimes even comments the articles.

Man - Lauri is in his late 30s. He is really quiet and only starts speaking when he’s already had 3-4 A.Le Coq Premiums. Lauri also went to the University of Tartu and now owns a small business. Lauri is proud of being Estonian and always tells stories of how he participated in the Singing Revolution as a teenager. Lauri starts his days very early and at 7:30 he already sits in his Audi car, ready to go to work. Lauri has his own sauna at his countryside house and he enjoys inviting his friends there on weekends. Lauri has a wife and 2 small children. Lauri is a very sensitive man inside, despite the fact that he almost never expresses his emotions sober. Lauri likes football but is always disappointed with the Estonian National Football team. He follows Estonian politics and voted for the Estonian Reform Party. Lauri likes when somebody jokes about Savisaar.


Are there any blogs/tumblrs that you read daily?

Sometimes I take a look at what is happening in blogosphere but there is no particular blog I am following.


What are your plans for the future?

Future is unclear, I am thinking about if I should stop making Estonian Moments the way it is today... There are two options, either I come up with a better platform or stop it completely. This also depends on where I’m going to live the next months or years.









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